The city of Ohmst is located on the cliffs along the northern coast of the Afras Bay. For nearly two hundred thirty years it has been the capitol of the merchant empire of the Van Dan Rasthmen dynasty. The coffers of the city reach deeper than the abyss as it is the hub of nearly all major merchant activity on the continent and the gateway to the devious and untamed lands of the eastern island nations. The overwhelming wealth of the city and its Merchant and Craftsmen guilds has forced the residents to fortify themselves against frequent assault from neighboring city states and kingdoms. Most recently the city has fallen under siege by the Veiden Federation. The Federation is a loose collection of surrounding territories with the mountain kingdom of Shaz Yordram providing its spine. The federation seeks to add Ohmst’s wealth to its resources as the High Prophet of Shaz Yordram desires to dominate the entire continent under his rule.

Ohmst’s resilience is proving difficult for the Federation to overcome. Decades of near constant siege have instilled an iron determination in the populace not to mention a high level of martial prowess amongst even the lowliest of citizens. In addition the King’s army of constructs, usually tasked with the maintenance and upkeep of various parts of the city, have been mustered into a tireless defense force.

Even though they are defiant to the end, small cracks have begun to show in the great city’s armor. The Federation recently sacked Wrathpoint Fortress which guarded the mouth of the bay’s southern reaches allowing their blockade to tighten. Furthermore the Thunderhead Keep is finding itself in a desperate situation and may soon fall leaving the sea way to the city clear. The catacombs crisscrossing through the cliffs beneath the city are rumored to have been invaded by the Federation making an attack from below now seem possible. The merchants grow nervous at the loss of their wealth and whispers of betrayal and collaboration have caused a fierce inquisition to spring up. Many a once lively house is discovered ransacked and empty the next morning the mark of the inquisitor branded prominently on the wall.

The king has begun to form haphazard militia groups comprised of hastily repaired constructs, petty criminals, low born citizens, and wayward travelers trapped in the city. These groups have been charged with a variety of tasks from enforcing the curfew to investigating the labyrinth of catacombs and cellars beneath the city. It is here that you find yourself press ganged into service and sent into the dark tunnels beneath the city in the hopes of verifying whether the rumors of Federation incursion are true.

Legacy of Ohm