The Forged of the city come in three distinct groups. Drones, Guardians and the High Guard. Each distinction can be noted by the color and design of the hooded tabard they wear. The Drones don a steel gray tabard with the seal of the city emblazoned on the chest. The tabard is tied with a black sash, the exception being the lead Drones who distinguish themselves with a red sash. The Drones are responsible for the day to day running of the city, maintaining the machinery that operates the Grand Elevator, repairing the docks, upkeep in the cities sewers and walls. There is even a small group that the city will hire out to individual citizens for their own personal work projects. Several of the larger guilds have standing retainers for their properties.

The Guardians are composed of two branches the Clan of the Shield and the Clan of the Sword. The shield is composed of the internal guard that patrols the city keeping the peace, settling disputes between citizens and function as guards for the warehouses and guild halls that have given the city its wealth and power base. The Clan of the Shield is charged with guarding the walls of the city and the outlying lands. They keep the roads free of bandits and protect the surrounding farms and villages that supply the city with food and trade. The Guardians can be recognized by their red tabards and grey sashes. The lining and markings on the tabards display the ranks of the forged within their respective clans. A shield emblazoned with star for the Clan of the Shield and a sword thrust through a diamond for the Clan of the Sword.

The High Guard is easily identified by their flowing purple robes and ornate helmets. They are also equipped with an enchanted glaive that crackles with electricity. The high guard is exclusively concerned with the protection of the king and palace grounds. They are fiercely powerful, and the common citizenry cowers in fear of the high guard as they are granted the Power of Way. Once the High Guard is set to task nothing is allowed to stand in their path. The High Guard have been known to slay their way through crowded markets and even strike down members of the Guardians who do not move from their path quickly enough. Thankfully they rarely venture far from the palace grounds though.

Rumors have persisted for centuries about a fourth invisible branch of the forged known as the Imperial Fist. These are the secret agents accountable only to the king himself with the recent Inquisition it is now more strongly rumored that the Imperial Fist is not just a boogey man to scare children but a powerful force within the city. The only credible evidence that the Imperial Fist was the recovered body of a forged found in the ruins of a guild hall that was branded by the Inquisition. The Forged was swathed entirely in black with its face built in the visage of a deaths head. Though just a single unclaimed body it has offered more proof to the existence of the Imperial Fist than 100 years of rumor.

There also exists a growing number of Free Forged. These are Forged who have been removed from the active use of the city. As the Amber Conclave continues to refine their process in crafting the Forged they occasionally will release an entire generation to make way for a newer more capable model. Each of the Forged is magically bound to the city in service to its purpose for two hundred years. Those forged that have reached the end of that period are given a purse of five hundred gold pieces and a room in one of the lodge house in the Forge Wells. They are free to leave the city should they choose though many stay as the boundaries of Ohmst are all they have know for so long.


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